Summit maintains active partnerships with other tech companies and subcontractors so we've got a wealth of resources to bring to any project.


OneNeck and vXchnge

Summit works closely with OneNeck and vXchnge for our co-location needs. The Bend, OR OneNeck and the Portland, OR vXchnge datacenters offer redundant power and connectivity, 24x7 on-site staffing, and excellent physical security for Summit's critical systems.


Duy (Dewey) Vuong

Database Administrator

Duy brings over 17 years of IT experience to our projects, with extensive knowledge of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases. He brings expertise in High Availability, Relational Database Design, OLTP and OLAP/Business Intelligence


Word Lions

Technical Writing and Training

We routinely engage this Portland firm consisting of Joel Barker and Philip Morgan to produce high-quality training material and custom documentation. They bring their own network of creative professionals to the table for us to help produce rich, interactive tools.


Jim Snowden / Peer Labs

Software Developer

A software developer with over 30 years of experience in developing small- and medium-business focused applications, Jim stays current on the most cutting-edge technology - tablets, mobile phones, and advanced web development techniques such as AJAX, JQuery, WCF, and Silverlight.


Bruce Yatvin

Systems Support Specialist


Brady Henderson / Code Chemist

Software Developer

Brady is a transplanted Canadian with 18 years of experience in client/server and web development.  Although most of his experience has been in the Microsoft technology stack, he prides himself on being technologically agnostic, and is quite comfortable working in PHP and Java as well.