Michael Sulis Software Consultant


address: 4030 NE Mallory Ave., Portland 97212

web: http://summitenergytech.com

email: msulis@summitenergytech.com

phone: 971.404.8647

>> software development

>> system integration

>> project management

>> process documentation and analysis


Technical Expertise



Primary Languages


C#, .NET Framework, SQL, XML, ASP.NET, HTML

Database Platforms


Microsoft SQL Server 7/2000/2005/2008/Express, Microsoft Access, ODBC connectivity



.NET Framework 1.0 through 4.5, Entity Framework, LINQ, MODBUS, SNMP, DNP3, MS Office VBA (for Excel and Word), MS Visual Studio, WCF / Web Services, MS MVC

Operating Systems


Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, MS Server 2000/2003/2008

Additional Software


AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Additional Languages


Python, Java, C/C++, Visual Basic, JavaScript, jQuery


Work History – Energy Industry





















































Summit Energy Tech Corp, co-owner (previously Sulis Consulting, LLC)

Combining my utility industry experience with a lifetime of technical expertise gives me a unique ability to create focused and efficient solutions for the energy industry. My business partner brings a wealth of technical expertise to our clients including cloud computing, virtualization, and high-availability networking solutions. We’re focusing on leveraging those skills to help Northwest utilities further develop and integrate their business systems, and to meet new challenges in this changing environment.


Current and past clients include:

   PNGC Power

   Emerald PUD

   Public Power Council (PPC)

   Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB)

   Raft River Rural Electric Cooperative

   Fall River Rural Electric Cooperative

   Salmon River Rural Electric Cooperative

   Clearwater Power

   Northern Lights, Inc.

   Consumer’s Power, Inc.

   Lands Energy Consulting

   Seattle City Light (SCL) Conservation Resources Division


Key Projects

   DNP3 Device Polling System “Conductor”: Architected and developed a fully redundant system for constant polling of values from field devices (currently deployed in five separate environments for four separate clients).

   Developed using open source DNP3 C++ library and .NET bindings for C# development

   Specific templates for many device manufacturers including ABB, Cooper, BiTronics, UPC, Moxa – new devices easily added through DNP3, MODBUS, or SNMP protocols

   Parses and stores in SQL Server

   Responsive UI for monitoring alerts and values in real time

   Integrated with PRTG for end-user dashboard management and alerting system


   Engine Data Collection System: Architected and developed a system for constant polling of values from a landfill gas reclamation generation facility.

   Replaced aging Molytek system with a MODBUS I/O Server system, wired to engine sensors and emergency shutdown relay systems

   Redundant system collects data continuously, triggers shutdowns automatically when values exceed user-defined levels

   Parses and stores in SQL Server, provides historical data for analysis

   Integrated with PRTG for end-user dashboard management and alerting system


   Customer Billing System: Personally responsible for technical design and development of a new billing system which encompasses the complex new rules developed by Bonneville Power Administration’s (BPA) new Tiered Rate Methodology.

   Complex rules encoded in well-structured code

   Implemented manual override features

   Web-based interface, no client deployment required

   PDF invoices automatically posted to a customer portal


   SmartGrid Grant Tracker: Designed and oversaw development of a web-interfaced database used to track the progress of an ongoing ARRA Grant for SmartGrid deployment

   DOE categories mapped to custom user categories for compliant reporting

   Monthly/Quarterly/Project-to-date reporting of expenses by category, plus remaining budget

   Security model integrated with internal Active Directory system

   Users have access to their own data entry and up-to-the-minute reporting online 24/7


   DOE Audit Assistance: Assisted several Idaho utilities (Clearwater Power, Raft River, Fall River) during DOE security audits required by their participation in ARRA grants

   Reviewed existing security policies and procedures

   Provided detailed recommendations to bring security systems up to date, implement relevant security policies and procedures, and produced concise documentation to provide to DOE

   Assisted onsite during DOE visits


   Conservation Division Process Mapping: Interviewed key staff in a large utility conservation department (~50 employees) to create diagrams of all existing programs and data flows.

   Reporting procedures documented

   Existing programs categorized, diagrammed, documented

   Provided a blueprint for next step (underway) of creating a unified program tracking and reporting system to comply with State and local renewable portfolio requirements, as well as BPA conservation reporting


   BPA Slice integration software: Developed a complex graphical application to integrate utilities with BPA’s new Post-2011 Slice “Customer-Facing Interface” (CFI)

   Utilized WCF web services both within the app and in communications with BPA

   Complex hydrological modeling engine designed and developed from scratch, calculates project content, forebay elevation, discharge, generation, and spill at each project in the coordinated hydro system all in realtime as user keys in values

   Calculates head correction factors as elevations change, and lagged inflow from upstream discharge based on distance between projects

   Graphical interface showing generation, discharge, forebay elevation
































PNGC Power, Senior Systems Analyst

Managed application development and integration, combining an understanding of industry-specific concepts with a lifetime of technical experience. Managed two full-time employees in the IT department, several project-specific contractors, and multiple vendor implementations

   Gained experience with BPA business processes and systems including Slice Scheduling, revenue metering, XML data exchange. Developed relationships with key personnel at BPA.

   Developed an understanding of industry concepts such as NERC e-Tagging, hydro system operations, transmission scheduling, and energy reserve calculations

   Worked with engineering and operations staff to develop an understanding of physical plant operations and electrical engineering concepts


Key Projects

   Schedule balancer: Personally responsible for design and development of a comprehensive scheduling system, with staff assistance and one contract programmer

   Integrated BPA Slice scheduling, validation and XML communication of schedules

   Configurable load/resource stack concept implemented to allow other utilities to be incorporated for a picture of the “whole system”

   Transmission tracking from resources to loads

   Integration with OATI e-Tagging to calculate energy reserve obligation

  Meter Data Management System: Worked with external contractors and PNGC staff to design and develop a system for tracking PNGC's load in 5-minute increments

   KYZ repeat relays utilized to duplicate BPA revenue meter pulses

   MODBUS counters polled at variable intervals by a custom centralized Windows service

   Meter status and energy values displayed to schedulers, along with real-time graphical displays of load aggregated by control area

   Billing System: managed requirements collection and 2 contract programmers to develop a customer billing system

   Built to mirror BPA's complex Transmission and Power billing procedures, including Power Factor Penalty ratchets

   Automated distribution of PDFs and notification to customers through a web-based portal










Accent Business Services, Lead Programmer

Designed and developed data-centric customer solutions for various organizations in multiple industries, including city governments, county governments and public utilities


Key Projects

   Slice Data Exchange – Project lead for multiple clients, developing a system for managing BPA Slice scheduling, validating constraints communicating with BPA to send and receive XML data

   Vancouver Police Department, Inventory Management System

   Southwest Washington Health District, Computerized Food Handler's Safety Quiz






Various independent consulting projects

Performed work for various clients including Sears Driving School, primarily in DBASE and MS Access, developing, augmenting, and troubleshooting business systems








Various website design projects and photography

   Developed an avid interest in photography into a small “hobby business” doing pet photography

   Designed or assisted with several small web projects including the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon, PNGC Power, Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care, and Portland Pet Photography







Master's Thesis focused on software development and user interface design

   Primary concept involved historical investigation of modes of visual representation

   Thesis work culminated in the development of a functional 3-dimensional modeling application in Java 1.2, built to explore alternate modes of “volumetric” modeling, and to explore user interface limitations and possibilities


Education & Affiliations





Urban Nature Partners PDX

Working with underserved youth to facilitate nature education and access. Involves weekly meetings one-on-one with a specific “junior partner” as well as monthly weekend group meetings with 10 to 15 kids.




Board of Directors, Secretary of the Board

Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon

Served two 2-year terms on the board of a local organization that seeks to reduce overpopulation in the feral cat communities throughout the state.


Master of Architecture (M. Arch)

Southern California Institute of Architecture


Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies (BSAS)

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign




Undergraduate studies in Engineering

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

2+ years of courses in engineering including advanced courses in Physics, Math, and Computer Science