Dragan Dokic         Technology Consultant


loc:         6820 NE Davis.

               Portland, OR  97213

web:      http://summitenergytech.com


>>    network engineering

>>    virtualization

>>    cyber security

>>    systems integration


Technical Expertise





Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Marquette University [2000]



CCIE # 13863 [since 2004], CISSP #31673 [since 2002]



Cisco IOS Software : dynamic routing [BGP and OSPF], high-availability features [HSRP, stateful NAT and VPN], firewall and features; Microsoft Software: Server OS, Hyper-V/Clustering/SCSI, SharePoint, SQL Server, iSCSI; Hardware: Cisco, HP and APC




Work History

































Summit Energy Tech Corp., President

Combining my energy industry experience with a lifetime of technical expertise gives me a unique ability to create focused and efficient technology solutions. I am focusing on leveraging those skills to help organizations further develop and integrate their business systems, and to meet new challenges in today’s dynamic business environment. Through working with a small team of experienced professionals, I have been able to produce and effectively manage a steady growth curve since the organization’s inception, while simultaneously maintaining my own technical expertise.


Existing Clients

   PNGC Power, Portland, OR

   Consumers Power Inc., Philomath, OR

   Public Power Council, Portland, OR

   Forge Graphic Works Inc., Portland, OR

   Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care, Portland, OR

   North Ridge Wealth Associates, Portland, OR

   Centered in Motion, Portland, OR

   Clearwater Power Company, Lewiston, ID

   Northern Lights Inc., Sagle, ID

   Raft River Electric, Malta, ID


Key Services Provided

   Wide Area Network Management

    Connectivity management [private wireless/fiber, commercial wireless, satellite and land-line] and end-device support [DIGI port servers, ether I/O servers, substation automation controls] for 62 substation and utility office sites across Oregon and Idaho

   Private Cloud Management

   Deployment, management and support of highly-available on-premise private cloud systems based on Hyper-V/Clustering/iSCSI running on HP ProLiant DL-series servers for three energy industry organizations in distinct geographic areas

   Technology Operations Management

   Management of technology operations including vendor coordination, systems procurement and budget planning

   Managed Co-location

   Management of co-location sites [Portland, OR and Boise, ID] for both primary and disaster recovery environments

























PNGC Power, Senior Network Engineer and Manager of IT Services

Managed four full-time employees, several project-specific contractors, and multiple vendor organizations. Deployed, managed and supported multiple critical systems supporting 24/7 real-time operations with high financial risk.


Key Projects

   Datacenter build-out: Managed conversion of generic office space to a small datacenter facility

   Coordinated implementation of key systems including HVAC, centralized UPS, inert gas-based fire suppression and physical access monitoring

   Managed routine maintenance activities within a 30-minute hourly down-time constraint due to real-time power scheduling operation

   Meter Data Management System: Worked with external contractors and PNGC staff to design and develop a system for tracking PNGC's load in 5-minute increments

   Data delivered through an internally developed and supported 112-site WAN in Oregon and Idaho

   Successfully leveraged OSPF over both privately operated and provider operated circuits to providing a high level of availability at relatively low cost

   Disaster Recovery: Developed and implemented a comprehensive disaster recovery plan with 4-hour RTO and 1 –hour RTP targets

   Implemented a four-node, two-site Hyper-V cluster with iSCSI-based, block-replicated storage

   Conducted four successful fail-over / fail-back annual tests [2007 – 2011]

   Internet Multi-homing: designed and implemented a BGP-peering scheme with three providers

   Successfully coordinated conversion process

   Managed several cycles of hardware upgrades while maintaining 100% uptime













Catholic Knights Insurance, WAN and Security Administrator

Managed and supported key end-user and infrastructure systems, including active directory, file/print sharing, messaging [Microsoft Exchange] in a 120-user financial services environment.


Key Projects

   File / print sharing system upgrade: Upgraded from a Novell Netware system to a Microsoft Windows 2000-based system

   Messaging infrastructure Upgrade: Upgraded from a Microsoft Exchange 5.5 enrivonment to a Microsoft Exchange 2000 environment

   Private line to VPN conversion: Converted connectivity for six field offices from leased line to Internet-based VPN, cutting the communications budget by 85%

   Internet connectivity upgrade: Implemented addition of a backup Internet connection, leveraging load-balancing and failover technologies to increase performance and uptime










Iberian Battery Corporation, IT Support Specialist

Provided server, workstation and user support for a six-user office industrial environment


Key Projects

   Server  and network upgrade: Procured components and successfully assembled a robust, high-performance server with a RAID-5 array and redundant power supplies; converted building LAN from a 10base-t shared broadcast domain system to a 100base-t switched fabric; replaced workstation network adapters to match improved infrastructure specifications







Marquette University, WIRED team member

Provided technology support to college students working with a small team of PC and Mac specialists


Key Projects

   Provided training for new team members

   Maintained four student dormitory computer labs [Mac]